Photo by Austin Nelson

Photo by Austin Nelson

This Frontier Needs Heroes is the moniker of singer-songwriter Brad Lauretti, who in various forms and lineup changes, has spent the past 10 years playing shows all over the world. Logging thousands of miles in his car, touring the greatest cities of North America and Europe, selling one record at a time, making one fan at a time. This determination and DIY ethos brought him on an epic journey around the world, playing listening rooms, clubs, house concerts, and festival stages. One night with Brad will run the gamut of all human emotions from humour, hedonism, activism and heartbreaking sadness. From Folk-rock anthems, to indie folk, flares of psychedelic, alt-country, to straight up storytelling you get it all sometimes in one song.

Originally from Brooklyn, NY Brad is now based in Nashville, TN. He has performed at Woody Guthrie Folk Festival, Folk Alliance International, Nordic Folk Alliance, Magnolia Festival, Hickey Fest, Gamble Rogers Folk Festival, Gram Parsons Guitar Pull, End of the Road (UK), Reeperbahn, Incubate, Athfest, Clean Water Music Festival, Connection Festival, Sing Out Loud, Savannah Stopover,  Stetson Kennedy Foundation Literary Landmark Celebration, and the winner of the Artsville Songwriting Contest. He is also the founder of the Stetson Kennedy Songwriter Residency.

This Frontier Needs Heroes has released four albums This Frontier Needs Heroes, The Future, Hooky and Real Job. 

"Vocally, the songs brings to mind the likes of troubadours such as Billy Bragg, but with a touch of rockabilly and doo wop thrown in for good measure. The video and lyrics speak to the kind of disfunctional relationships we’ve all experienced, and with Brad Lauretti at the helm we are given the feeling that everything will be A-OK in the end." -Glide Magazine

 “‘Free Market Music’ is dedicated to all the hard working musicians, and people of the world, who don’t always get paid what they should, but always show up to work,” Lauretti says. “That spirit is what makes America great!"-American Songwriter

"Inspired by the same fertile ground where Woody Guthrie once wrote, he penned some his most thoughtful, mature work to date– protest songs that react to the tense political climate in our nation today." -Elmore Magazine

"Traveling troubadour, Brad Lauretti, is back with a new album of irresistible tunes under his nom de plume, This Frontier Needs Heroes. Real Job is coming out October 14th, and sounds like a departure from older releases. He's tackling the real issues, from music theft to gun control. The first single from the record, titled "I Love Immigration" is about exactly that!" -Paste

"It's a toe-tapping delight that will surely have you singing along in no time; whether you want to or not!" -Paste


"We're warning you now: You might fall in love with someone in the room during this band's set. So genuine, so commanding, so deceptively simple is TFNH's music that, before you know it, something inside you has shifted - suddenly your staring into someone else's eyes from across the bar." -Folio Weekly (Jacksonville, FL)